Hirschkuss goes to USA to Stir Something Up!

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Hirschkuss has

made its way from the Bavarian Alps to the United States


The handcrafted

German liqueur that is made using an age-old secret family recipe is

fast becoming cult in Europe and is now set to “Stir Something Up!” in the

United States.


Hirschkuss is a family-owned and operated business, located in a small

Bavarian town, right on the doorstep of the Bavarian Alps. Hirschkuss is

an extraordinary herbal liqueur created using a secret family recipe,

which was passed on to Petra Waldherr, Hirschkuss’ Owner and

Managing Director, by her Great Aunt. The confidential recipe calls for

a mixture of over 40 different herbs, mostly those native to the Bavarian

Alp region. Each herb is carefully weighed, ground, and blended. The

herbal mixture is then macerated or steeped like a tea for several days

to create an extract, which is then fused with alcohol and water and left

to unfold for some time before filtering. This process is repeated until

the perfect extract is produced for the ripening process. During this

procedure, the bitters mature to create the full-bodied flavor, which

makes-up the unique experience that is Hirschkuss.

Hirschkuss is produced by the Waldherr family in small batches with

great care and passion. The original Hirkschkuss liqueur has a truly

unique flavor that is as rich in its herbal bitters as it is smooth with a

chocolatey caramel finish. In addition to the original herbal liqueur,

Hirschkuss can be enjoyed in three other stirring flavors: Berry Twitter

“Vogelgezwitscher” (Rowan Berry Liqueur), Plums Up “Kernlos” (Plum

Liqueur), and Little Pear “Birndl” (Pear Liqueur). All flavors come in

hand-finished, flip-top bottles in various sizes. Each and every bottle of

Hirschkuss is filled and labeled by hand. Hirschkuss is available in the

United States exclusively through All Star Imports, LLC.


About All Star Imports, LLC

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importer for Hirschkuss Liqueurs.

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