The stag can relax!


Soon after registering the brand “Hirschkuss” at the Patent Agency in Munich, lawyers representing Mast Jägermeister AG filed an objection to the registration of the brand.  The Munich Patent Agency dismissed the appeal, and decided that there is no likelihood of confusion between the brands “Hirschkuss” and “Jägermeister“. And a legal battle ensued that lasted a total of 3 years…


The representatives of the “Jägermeister” brand insisted that we should relinquish any illustration of a stag from our brand whatsoever. For those of you, who do not already know, Hirschkuss means – Stag Kiss - in German.  Since the stag is the animal on the crest of our hometown in the Bavarian Alps, Lenggries, we were not about to give up on our roots.


Many letters were sent back and forth between Lenggries and Wolfenbüttel, where the Jägermeister headquarters are located. This meant over three years of legal uncertainty for us fighting against a corporate giant. Thanks to the help of many lucky coincidences, dedicated supporters, and the media, we now have our “happy ending”.


Since June 6, 2009 it is official: our stags may kiss. The new Hirschkuss logo was registered at the Munich Patent Office without objection.
We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported us, and we send a very special thank you to our patent lawyer, Dr. Pätzold of Gräfelfing!


Hirschkuss lives!

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