Recipes Its all good!

Simply pour one cup of milk over 2 cl. of Hirschkuss and enjoy!


Dip the top of your long drink glass in lemon juice and press it into a cinnamon-sugar mixture


4 cl. of Hirschkuss to the glass
Fill it with hot or cold unfiltered apple juice
Stir it up!



Add crushed Ice to a long drink glass
Pour 4 cl. Hirschkuss over the ice,
and fill the rest with about one cup of cherry juice
Rock on!


Cooking recipe from Karl Drexl from Bad Tlz, Germany

1/4 liter red wine, 2cl. Hirschkuss slightly heated (do not boil)
Use the same amount of water to deglaze and pour over your roast
This will give the sauce flavor and color
P.S. Heating and deglazing is important, so that the alcohol
evaporates, and yet the valuable, delicious ingredients remain.


Cocktail Recipe from Hans-Jrgen Taub

4 cl Hirschkuss with ice cubes into a Shaker and shake it hard.
Pour the chilled Hirschkuss into a cocktail glass using a strainer.
Slightly whip some heavy cream (not too stiff) and slowly pour onto the Hirschkuss using the back of a spoon, so that a layer of cream remains on top.


Creamy Stag from Markus Gerg

2 cl Hirschkuss
2 cl Heavy cream
Carefully pour two layers on top of each other
Top it off with a sprinkle of cinnamon


Chocolate Kiss from Manuela Grad

2 cl Hirschkuss (alternatively Kernlos)
1 heaping tablespoon Nutella
200 ml to milk
Stir it up!

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